Freitag, 1. Januar 2016


Ramp up on learning Hindi

- digitalize my Hindi notes - half-done; continue in February
- reserve at least 10 minutes/day for revising vocab and past lesssons (e.g. before sleeping) - done almost every day, but sometimes less than 10 minutes, if it was really late already
- at least 1 short conversation in Hindi with Varun/day - done almost every day
- actively study and memorize the Hindi "Word of the Day" every day - done every day
- other measures (e.g. listening to podcast; downloading and using app; watching movies etc.), as time allows - listened to podcast once; tried to speak a bit of Hindi on the phone with Varun's family; other than that, not much done in addition

Diet and better eating

- live on fruits, veggies, soups and cereals only for at least 2 weeks (starting 1st January) - done, with the exception of 1 evening when we had guests and I cooked


- do serious exercise every other day (running, yoga, swimming, hiking or bike tour) - maintained until the last week of the month, when the rythm broke a bit due to travel
- situps every day (as many as I can handle) - done consistently, but altered it to do situps and pushups in alternation


- get organized about note taking and documentation of calls and meetings (finding and implementing a way to keep a notebook that allows me to quickly find stuff again later) - bought a new notebook which allows to have sections for different topics and move pages between sections; having the impression that this helps in finding notes more quickly


- finish wedding photo album by the end of the month latest - done by 19th Jan!
- join at least 1 meeting of the Basel photography group, if timings allow - didn't, but not my fault: They had only 1 meeting in January, which had filled up very quickly, and also the topic was not of much interest to me.
Instead, I participated in a nature photography contest.


- finish reading Naomi Klein "This changes everything" latest by the end of the month - didnt; after the end of the holidays, I hardly found time to continue reading. Got through about 1/3 of the book. Will seee if I can finish in Feb, latest in March.
In addition, I subscribed to the e-news feature "Fünf vor 8" of DIE ZEIT and read it daily - this could fall under "inspiration"

What is this about?

New year, new year's resolutions - both go together, whether you're a friend of resolutions, or firmly deny their usefulness.

This is my attempt to lay out a few things I would like to do (differently) in 2016. It's not about a radical change, re-invention or ruthless self-optimization. Rather, it is about getting a bit more organized ("being organized" being one of the things I often struggle with) about a few things I consider important.

And we all know that the main issue with new year's resolutions is the fact that we harldly ever achieve them, which in turn leaves us frustrated and feeling inadequate (or, in the better case, we just laugh about the resolution and ironically state that we were never that serious about it anyway).

So I want to make my resolutions achievable by
- breaking them down into very specific actions
- and tackling a few of them each month, rather than everything at once and without a real time frame

I have no idea whether this will work, or it will just stress me, through self-imposed restrictions and deadlines that come on top the manyfold demands and stressors life already has in place. I also might give this up, lose motivation, forget about it, ...a few weeks into the experiment. But it's worth a try, I thought.

And this blog is much less for everyone else, than it is just for me, to keep track of this "project" (or whatever to call it) and "get organized" (see above!) about it.