Sonntag, 13. März 2016


Well, February wasn't all that successful. I found it's really hard to keep adding more and more tasks/resolutions to my life next to everything else that is going on...or even  to keep up the old resolutions.

I guess for March, I'll have to scale down my ambition, if I want to avoid the feeling of failure. Resolutions are just as good as their compatibility with your lifestyle, personality and self-discipline...

So - (almost) no new resolutions for March, just continuing the February ones.

Ramp up on learning Hindi
Continue from January:
- finish digitalizing my Hindi notes, load into Quizlet
- reserve at least 10 minutes/day for revising vocab and past lesssons (e.g. before sleeping)
- at least 1 short conversation in Hindi with Varun/day
- actively study and memorize the Hindi "Word of the Day" every day
- other measures (e.g. listening to podcast; downloading and using app; watching movies etc.), as time allows

Diet and better eating

Continue from February
- 1 week/month, live on fruits, veggies, soups and cereals only for at least 2 weeks

Continue from February
- do serious exercise every other day except when travelling (running, yoga, swimming, hiking or bike tour) 
- situps/pushups every day


 - join at least 1 meeting of the Basel photography group, if timings allow
- put my digital photo collection in order and transfer to new external harddrive


- finish reading Naomi Klein "This changes everything" latest by the end of the month

Getting organized
- make doctor's appointments for checkups that I have procrastinated for years

New in March:
- sort out rent payments

- deliberately schedule a couple Skype calls with far-away and long-lost friends

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